What we do

Self Adhesive labels

Rapid Labels can offer you a huge variety of different label materials from your standard gloss and matte paper either permanent or removable adhesive, clear labels that give a no label look to synthetic materials ideally for high moisture areas.  Also available are silver synthetic materials used for maximising shelf impact and uncoated wine stocks for that earthy look and feel.  Our team will guide you through the material selection process and find a suitable face stock and adhesive to ensure you achieve the right look and adhesion results for your product.


Shrink Film

Shrink film is a plastic material which shrinks to the bottle with exposure to heat or steam.  There are many benefits for using shrink film including the maximisation of space available for product branding and information, with a full 360° on your container or bottle.  You also have versatility in your container or bottle choices as there are no longer application challenges to consider.  Shrink film can also act as a tamper evident label when positioned over the cap.  With the ink printed on the inside of the label, ink scuffing is a thing of the past and the labelling component of your packaging is fully waterproof, so it’s a great option for high moisture areas like the kitchen and bathroom.



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